What Happens When I Call?

Mindset Coaching for Executives, Business & Life

It’s lovely that you’re considering giving us a call.

Just so you can feel totally comfortable about taking that step we thought we’d let you know exactly what will happen.

Our most wonderful assistant, Trudy, will take some very basic details and then she will find a suitable time for you to chat with one of our coaches.

They will:

  • call at the agreed time
  • Ask you a few questions to get an idea of your current situation
  • And also, to find out, basically, what you’re hoping to achieve.

If they feel they’re able to work with you they will then talk to you about how we work. Firstly in terms of how we mentor and coach.

Secondly, they’ll tell you about the 12 logical elements and why that accelerates and significantly expands the results of our clients.

Assuming this resonates for you they’ll happily go into more detail, including:

  • The length of the suggested programme.
  • The time investment required, services included.
  • The cost of the programme
  • And how all of our 1:1 programmes are backed by a full money back guarantee.

And there’s plenty of Q&A time so that you can ask any question that sees you feeling great about the decision that you make.

From there it’s over to you.

There’s no high-pressure sales tactics used.

There’s no email blasting.

There’s no stalking.

We’re seeking to work with people who are serious about taking their life to the next level and beyond (whatever that means for you). So we’re only interested in working with people who are interested in working with us.

You may want to arrange a second face to face meeting (in person or via Zoom) and if so Trudy will sort all of that out for you.

You may just want to get started ASAP, she’ll help you there too!

You may want to do a bit of budgeting to ensure you can make it work on the financial front, and that’s totally understandable. If that’s the case you may wish for us to make a light follow-up call in a few weeks or a few months – and we’ll happily oblige.

No matter the path you decide to take after speaking to us, there is a sincere desire to see you do well.

You can all us on 1300 663 003 or email us and ask Trudy to give you a call to set up a time.

Too easy!