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Solid thinking goes further

InspireTribe’s system has enabled me to build a solid basis for understanding the decisions I make.  It has changed the way I view the world, myself and others.  I am now able to confidently make decisions and take action using both my emotion and intellect and I find this approach far superior to the predominantly logical path that I used to take. Over the time I worked with InspireTribe I was able to navigate significant life events with far more ease than I expected.  Importantly, I have also come away with a very practical internal method of working through complex personal and professional challenges, one which I know I will be able continue to refine and improve on over time.

Richard Huysmans - Principal Consultant and ThoughtLeader, Melbourne

I would have paid double

I met Nikk at a networking event, then out the blue she rang - I was ready!! Sign me up!! The investment for me at the time was significant. At the end of the coaching I remember thinking “I would have paid double”! I had significant growth in my business, clarity on how I am in the world, depth in all my relationships especially with partner and my kids. I recommend Inspire Tribe Mindset training to anyone who is ready and willing to live their best life.

Maz O'Connor - Mornington Peninsula

I got inspired at InspireTribe…

I’m extremely grateful to my accountant, for recommending me to InspireTribe. Before seeing Nikk I was existing - I was successful in other’s eyes, but at the same time, I felt like I was treading water. I am no longer the guy that walked in on day one.  I have clear vision that inspires me. I’m excited, vibrating with enthusiasm and joyful about life and where I’m going.  I have solid direction, goals to achieve and an effortless internal drive. These days, instead of just trying to stay afloat I feel like I am skiing behind a wonderfully fast boat! I wouldn’t change anything about the way they work. Nikk knows a great deal about the human condition and is not distracted by symptoms or external issues.  She gave me so many insights into myself - some I knew deep down but I was not able to bring them to the surface, but others, I had no idea about. Most importantly, she shared a process that has shown me how to get to the core cause of any inaction I experience, and she has also shared the thinking strategies to improve my internal energy levels so I can drive external growth. When people ask what I’ve done to be so engaged, I tell them I got INSPIRED at InspireTribe. In the past I tried to motivate myself. But, through learning about myself and understanding why I did what I did, and through gaining the new more advanced strategies for success, and learning how to adjust as I go, I’ve been given the secret to self-inspiration. The coaching and mindset mentoring has also provided me with an even healthier mindset when it comes to money – my daily focus is prosperity and wealth in all areas of life.  The investment was worth every cent plus more.

Michael Robertson, Regional Managing Director at EntrustDatacard

I highly recommend InspireTribe

InspireTribe has given me a fresh perspective on the choices I make in my life. I have become much more aware of not only the logic around my decision-making, but also the feelings associated with each choice.  I now feel as though I have a much clearer path before me and I’m confident about making the decisions I need to get there. My family life has never been better and I am consistently behaving as the person, manager and friend that I want to be. I really enjoyed the tough-love approach and I would highly recommend InspireTribe for professional and personal coaching programs.  

Matt Ivers, Vision Property and Finance

It’s life changing 10/10

Mindset coaching has had a profound effect on my life. Though challenges still come my way, I now have a definite feeling of being centred and relaxed. Throughout the coaching I had many insights & significant shifts. And I continue to have them. I now understand how to find and fix the underlying challenges within myself so I can bring about a whole new set of behaviours that are based on choice, not reaction. Behaviours that are easy to implement rather than ones that feel like hard work. And that has meant that I’ve been able to create more of the life I want. The best bit is I know I can continue to take it to an even higher level. This mindset coaching really works. It’s life changing. 10/10

Kym Anderton, Director, Enhanced Myotherapy

My work life and relationships have taken a big shift for the better

I would like to thank both Nikk and Yolande very much for your coaching. It's certainly helped me in so many ways. My work life has taken a big shift for the better.  The direction feels so much more congruent & inspiring.  And then my relationships are better than they’ve been for a very long time, and continuing to improve. The most amazing thing about this last 6 months is that key people have totally changed the way they interact with me. It's because I've done the same in a myriad of little ways, but it's nothing short of spectacular the change that it has brought.  It's funny - it's almost been without me really trying. Who knew those Pillars could be so powerful?!  🙂 There is still much room for improvement but it's a great feeling to be on an upward trending path! Thanks both for your insight, clarity, frankness, and honesty.

Gina Kenah, Associate Director, Collingwood

More engaged in all areas of my life

Being a technical leader this program really challenged and pushed the boundaries of my thinking. What I found though was when I let go and used the simple techniques, I was able to tap into my emotional intelligence, putting me in tune with my whole self and  giving me a feeling of optimism, power and mindfulness. This has enabled both personal and professional benefits with even more engagement in my role and better decision making.

Matt Elshaug - NAB, Melbourne

I invested in myself and started to blossom!

I commenced as InspireTribe’s bookkeeper, 20 months prior, & whilst I was successfully running my own bookkeeping/consulting business, I was struggling with other facets of my life, which I felt was creeping into my business life, & I knew that I could not allow this to happen. I approached Nikk, to enquire about committing to the programme, after listening to other clients, watching webinars & reading their monthly blogs, I felt that on both a business & personal level that I could benefit greatly. At the time, I was probably at my lowest low of my life, overwhelmed, battling a difficult divorce with an abusive ex-husband, which involved the custody of our only child, & the merging of my business with another company, that was time consuming, difficult & extremely hard work, it really took every ounce of my wellbeing & happiness.  At this point that I was so deflated & struggling to smile & feel happiness, I had become a shell of a person, & was doubting my ability to move forward. With Nikk's support, advice & encouragement (& homework), I quickly saw the positives of a very sad & negative situation.  I took ownership & steps in the right direction, & in a very short period of time I felt a sense of strength, happiness & satisfaction.  I started to make decisions that I felt were right & I stopped procrastinating about every decision or move I made. I invested in myself, & I started to blossom! I still have days of sadness & regret, but I have learnt through "thinking & feeling" how to deal with my thoughts & actions.  What I have learnt from Nikk & Yolande, has helped set me up for life, & they are lessons that I use everyday & develop more & more with each experience.  I also have the ability now to assist my son & pass on these lessons, in a "mother-son" relationship. My experience was empowering & uplifting & gave me confidence to move forward, & not to look back!  No more negative voices in my head, it is great!    

Melissa Newsome, Exceptional Business Consulting Group, Gold Coast

Deal with challenges and situations in a positive way

The coaching & mentoring gave me an empowering set of life tools. I’ve learnt about the patterns I’ve created and how they came to be. I now know that I can control these patterns and create new ones with more positive outcomes. I no longer feel I need to put up a front and be what someone else expects me to be. Because of this I have this feeling of freedom and happiness within myself and I am able to share it with those around me without feeling drained. I know I can deal with challenges and situations in a positive way that leaves me feeling great. I know I’m responsible for whatever I achieve and I have the ability to take myself wherever I want to go. I’m proud of where I am and I’m looking forward to my future. Thanks Nikk and Yolande!"

Rachelle Hubery, Mornington Peninsula

My business doubled

I really loved my coaching sessions with Nikk. I remember each day when I was scheduled for a session I would get nervous. By the time the session finished, I was always full of energy and felt so alive. I think coaching should be as common practice as going to the doctor or chiro or dentist. Mindset is as important as all of that. And Nikk is as good as they get. She's amazing at leading me down a path, but letting me take the steps. She is an incredible listener and is able to hear the underlying feelings and thoughts that are causing the problems. One of the biggest insights I've had from coaching with Nikk is my tendency to externalise my problems, to look at others or situations or things outside myself for the cause of a problem. She's great at always bringing me back to finding myself at the source of everything in my life - all good things and all and things. That's pretty empowering because if I'm the cause of all the good & the bad, I can actually make a change if I want to. If 'Jane Doe' is at the source of my problem, she has the power to change it. The mindset that Nikk coached me on is all about finding myself at the source of my life and my experience, personally and in every other area. We talked a lot about personal stuff, but the impact had a ripple effect in all areas of my life. The most measurable result I received after my coaching with Nikk last year is the fact that my business doubled and I earned more than I ever have. It was a matter of really getting on a deep level that nobody else was going to do the stuff that the business needed to double. I took full responsibility for its success for the first time and saw myself at the source of any problem or success. I would recommend Inspire Tribe Coaches to anyone with no reservations. I've been coached by a few coaches now and they are by far the best on so many levels. They so clearly live and breathe everything that they coach - they're such good examples of 'walking the walk' not just 'talking the talk' They're the real deal. Even more than that, though, is that when you're with them you feel like you have this amazing person taking a total stand for you and your life, helping you see the 'you' that inspires them, and in turn yourself.

Leah Davidson, Mt Eliza

Move forward from a limiting belief

I'm glad I had the opportunity to have a coaching session with Nikk. I got more far more benefit out of that one session than I could have anticipated. I managed to identify, acknowledge and move forward from a limiting belief that was really holding me back. I felt amazing the next day and still feel great. Thanks Nikk!"

Monica O'Donnell, Real Estate Agent

Strategies to move beyond what I thought was possible

I feel extremely honoured to be providing this testimonial for Nikk and I would like to express my gratitude for our coaching sessions. Each session is both focused and fun, direct and honest. With Nikk's expertise I have gained valuable insight into self and how my mind works and strategies to move beyond what I thought was possible. In short to recognise, own, change and act accordingly. With an interest in the mind/body connection, I found the mental challenges helpful and joyful. I appreciate and commend Nikk on her ability to absolutely focus on me and my thoughts, opinions and beliefs, and leave her own "personal self" aside. I appreciate her highly professional conduct and commitment. Her enthusiasm for coaching and life in general are very inspirational.

Bettina Pfannkuch, The Art of Balance - Yoga & Massage

Instantly our daughter felt at ease

For a couple of years our daughter has had a fear of sailing (and boats generally) due to a traumatic experience capsizing in a dinghy. She was having difficulty explaining how she felt and rationalising her reluctance to sail again despite us and her feeling that she would enjoy it. I spoke to Nikk about this, and without hesitation, Nikk flexed her coaching skills and applied her techniques to our situation with dramatic (positive) effect. Instantly our daughter felt at ease with Nikk and was very open to receiving help for this fear which had continued to grow over time. With absolute delight, our daughter confidently sailed the next morning and thoroughly enjoyed herself stating 'I don't know what I was worried about'. Thank you sincerely Nikk for helping... we look forward to taking to the water as a family in the near future.

Narelle Mais, Mt Eliza

Deep sense of calmness & certainty of my future

I have just had the most incredible NLP session with Nicole. She was able to help me with dealing with suppressed emotions of anger and sadness. I thought I was doing pretty well manage these emotions but was able to understand through our session that I in fact wasn’t manage these emotions at all. Nicole was able to help me through a NLP process look at my emotions and as a result, within a very short period of time after the session, I feel a deep sense of calmness and certainty of my future.

Craig Christie, Director , ASI Planning

More productive and have a clearer vision

I recently engaged Nicole’s services because I felt there were things holding me back in my business. Nicole was quickly able to identify what my problems were, and successfully coach me through them. As a result, I am more productive and have a clearer vision for my business going forward. I would recommend Nicole’s services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Trent Alexander, Financial Planning Expert

My business outlook changed immediately

“After managing the many roles within my small architectural practice over a number of years, I had started to feel work consuming me and the work life balance was slipping further away. I realised that I did not have any clear personal or business goals for the future and was working longer hours without any tangible benefit. In my quest for some guidance, the excellent credentials of ‘Vision’ caught my eye. When I sat down at the first meeting, I instantly realised that Nikki had a wealth of personal and business knowledge and very precise techniques to unlock my thinking. I was immediately able to see beyond my every day routine and frustrations and objectively analyze my current situation relative to where I wanted to be. By just tweaking a few everyday processes within my business and coupling this with a number of subtle yet powerful mindset shifts that Nikki helped me to make, my business outlook changed immediately and within a short period of time, I have benefited significantly both personally and professionally. Just one of the invaluable life lessons learned has been that the way we perceive ourselves directly impacts on what we can achieve personally and professionally. I can’t thank Nikki and her team enough for the knowledge imparted to me and how this has helped me to develop and move forward”

Michael Baker, Director, Zenibaker Architects

Achieving pure clarity

"I felt compelled to provide some feedback on my recent experience under your coaching. I have found our sessions to be extremely beneficial and immediately rewarding, the key benefits for me were:

  • achieving pure clarity about what my core values are (not just what sounded good to others or what a successful person would aspire to)
  • understanding more about how I am motivated and how to optimise my personal drive
  • forming a renewed and more targeted approach to my business and achieving my objectives
  • taking a different approach to advising clients within my own business (I learned some great questioning techniques!

After investing in your coaching, I can thoroughly recommend a consultation to anyone that is serious about being a more integrated and successful person. If you have any prospective clients that want an independent opinion before investing in coaching through you, you are welcome to pass on my mobile number and my e-mail address."

Sam Danckert, Director, Abode Mt Martha

I’m blown away

"I just wanted to thank you for the coaching sessions to date. I must say I'm blown away with how much we've covered and the positive affect it's having on my life.It's quite a journey and I must admit initially it felt a little confronting, but definitely thought provoking. From there my conditioned mind and ingrained habits have begun to change, as my mind opens up to what are prettygreat and positive initiatives that I will continue to embrace and practice.I'm loving this new energy and outlook. Thank you."

Ian Dawson, Telstra

I feel strong, confident & congruent

"Despite having previously created a great business, when I started my coaching program with Nikk, I felt uncertain, apprehensive & confused about where I was heading with my current business and my life. Within a few short months, I feel strong, confident & congruent with where I'm heading.  The action taken at work is now focussed and results orientated.  And as an unexpected addition, the quality of my relationships has improved, both with myself and others, due to the insights I had along the way.  I highly recommend Nikk and Inspire Tribe to anyone looking for that missing piece in their puzzle."

Tom Karamzalis, Soda Property Group