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Seeking Certainty

When I first came to see Yolande at InspireTribe, I was seeking certainty and I needed someone to help me to get there. The trouble was, I now see I was seeking certainty outside of myself, hoping that the certainty I was seeking would somehow soothe the confusion, the hurt and misunderstandings I was experiencing in my life at the time.

I love that I was encouraged and given the space to be very honest, raw, vulnerable self, yet pulled up on my shi* when I rambled.

My overall experience with this coaching was EMPOWERING as I was able to learn and see to trust myself and my feelings.

A key learning is for me to continue to practice speaking my truth more, asking for what I want, being more direct with how I feel, and not entertaining an internal dialogue that is harsh on myself. I am thankful that I am stronger, that I have the tools to understand and manage my feelings and the way that I think so much better than ever before.

Yolande (my coach) is real, honest, supportive and her knowledge and ability to relate the Inspire Tribe teachings into real world/practice resonated with me the most. Her personality (and the fact she swears – I find this hilarious) is so kind and so real, it really worked for me.

Inspire Tribe provides you with the tools to empower your thinking, feeling and behaviours; to understand what your reactions and feelings mean and provide the tools to turn them into either positive experiences or ways to learn from them!

Dishella Fernando - Highett

My wife and I were at a crossroads….

My wife and I were recommended to Yolande via friend, who had recently also had coaching and was a fan. My wife and I were at a crossroads and we both needed help working out if we were either staying the path or calling it quits, but either way I knew that big changes were required.  I’d have to say I came in to the process wanting a pretty specific outcome and back when I started I really thought it was all about THE outcome.  I learned over time it was not. I realised I’d  had significant push back to emotional growth in the past but I have since learned how important it really is to love oneself, become more self aware and I can happily say my emotional intelligence has grown exponentially through my time with Yolande.  I now have reduced anxiety, increased self-awareness, and emotional maturity that I didn’t have when I started the process. This for me has been about becoming an ‘adult,’ and mastering my emotions. When I look back on the coaching & mentoring I received it involved teaching and guidance along with robust discussions that were always genuine and honest.  Personally I enjoyed working with Yolande as I loved her energy, passion and honesty as it's genuine. I am now moving forward with my life, we decided to end our marriage, but this process has actually invigorated my personal AND  professional life –  I  got my spark back so to speak and I love the new stronger me!

Simon Overend

I started working with InspireTribe after seeing my husband have some great results with them.

He’s a very different person to me (he loves personal development whereas I have always disliked self-help books and inspiring emotional stuff).  But after watching him shift I was hopeful that they may also have ‘an answer’ that would significantly assist me too.

I’m pleased to say they did and that’s why I’m happy recommend them to others seeking change.

I was someone although relatively reflective in my behaviour would fall into the same potholes time and time again but that is expected after responding  and acting the same way for many years.  But now I am able to break my behaviour down and have a significantly better understanding of it, rather than saying bugger wish I’d done that differently I now have awareness, desire and a framework to get me back on track. I was able to utilise what I learnt what I had learnt into my everyday life on a day to day basis. By adjusting my mindset I was able to make critical shifts!

I realize life is still going to frustrate me at times, jobs still need doing, kids still need raising, I am still going to make mistakes, but now, I know how to stay on track towards any destination that I choose. And I know how to recover more quickly than ever before should I start travelling down a track I no longer desire. Also of course there is my coach Yolande, she was objective and clear. She felt like a safety net that gave me extra support that kept me propelling forward and she helped to keep me honest and true.

I appreciated  Yolande’s  light and easy approach, she was genuine, she gauged my personality and adjusted her approach accordingly . She allowed me to follow what my issues were at the time, rather than following a strict guideline. She really felt into what I needed.

I’ve started to have a connection with myself like I’ve not had before and I can now really acknowledge that I matter!

Vivenne Apps – Ocean Grove

Something happened in my professional world

Something happened in my professional world a few years back that knocked me. In fact it knocked me pretty badly. I was shocked, I was hurt, I was definitely misunderstood and I wasn’t treated very well by others as a result.  I tried my best to move on and threw myself into post graduate studies. When I felt I was ready to re-launch my career and business, I realised time does not heal all wounds, and I still had some ‘hooks’ I needed to work through and wanted some mentoring to get me back into ship shape condition! I reached out to Tenfold business coaching and they referred me InspireTribe who do ‘mindset’ mentoring and I have to say it was the most wonderful decision I made to invest in my mindset. I have done 6 month coaching and mentoring with Yolande and it has been nothing short of life changing! I went from feeling totally consumed on a daily basis due to specific stresses in my business, to relaunching my career in an arena that I thought was not available to me six months ago! I did this through highly professional yet friendly and kind guidance. I learnt how to trust myself, trust my feelings, make decisions I feel good about, built my confidence, yet it feels so much more than that. It’s a feeling of deep trust within myself, ability to back myself and deeply trust myself. I am happy with who I am, I am happy with my journey, I am happy with who I have been and what I’ve learnt and I am happy with who I am now becoming! My experience with InspireTribe has left me feeling empowered, strong, open and confident to welcome extraordinary opportunities into my life.

Anita Archer - Director, Pegasos5, Melbourne

Clarity, momentum and firm action plans

Working with Yolande provided a wonderful opportunity for me to work on our business in a structured way. It created the space which is otherwise challenging to find when juggling a busy life.   As my husband and I live and work in the same business together, this space with Yolande was essential for me in moving forward in both my personal and professional life.

My husband has been working with Nikk separately and we now have a common language and direction around moving forward together in our professional roles and are 100% on the same page. I think navigating this separately, but ultimately together has really launched us into a new phase in our business and personal relationships.

I loved that I completely trusted the process and felt it was right for me.   I loved that Yolande authentically supported me with some of the challenges that come from juggling kids, a business and partners as she and Nikk share this dynamic.

I was looking for greater purpose and direction as well as to connect more deeply to those around me and what I gained from this 6-month coaching is clarity, direction and momentum!

The best way I can describe my experience with InspireTribe is, as a way to cut through the bullshit I tell myself that ultimately stands in my way of making great changes possible.

What I really enjoyed about my coaching with Yolande was a chance to debrief and explore alternate perspectives on challenging situations and an opportunity to discuss work with someone other than my husband.

It has also assisted with recognising opportunities and has changed the timeline around some of my personal, family and business plans.

The key insights I’ve learned about myself through the InspireTribe framework would be around the control I have in choice.  I now have clarity and momentum and some firm plans in action.

I always walked away feeling empowered and focused and although I don't always feel comfortable being so vulnerable, there was a level of trust that allowed me to be as honest as I could be.  I always found Yolande caring, honest, intuitive, empathetic, resourceful, and inspiring to be around!

I am looking to continue this coaching in the future once I have worked through what Yolande has assisted me to already put in place and I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone who feels like there is more to gain from life but is a bit stuck.

Mel Reynolds - Director, Raw Travel, Mornington Peninsula

I needed to get on top of things fast

When I started with Yolande, I was seeking a heap of change, there were plenty of things in my life that I needed to get on top of and fast  as everything seemed to be getting worse.

I was  totally at the mercy of many things in my life and was struggling to take control.  One of the first things I learnt was to see that who I was being, was totally affecting my inner and outer worlds, and how I was totally responsible for the stress in my life.  I always thought I had to be in control of situations and people but it was a losing battle.

Learning to let go of that control and focus on myself was a huge turning point in my coaching, Yolande has this fabulous ability to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a way that really resonates with me in a way I’ve never thought about before.  It was in gaining a deep understanding of my patterns that I ran through and Yolande giving me conscious awareness of them, that I was able to change.

I started shifting who I was being, I saw the world differently and I started doing things in different ways, and of the course the outcomes shifted too!

My communication skills have improved to a place where I can be honest with myself and others about the way I am feeling, and I’m also experiencing a greater sense of calm and less stress! My anxiety went from very high to almost gone to barely ever showing up, as I trust myself enough to make decisions for the best possible outcome that sees me feeling ‘looked after’, (by me!)

Holding my boundaries and expressing my expectations to people has significantly reduced my stress levels!  I now know how to look after me, so my world is calmer, my family is happier and I feel like a different person!

Nicola Cust, Mornington Peninsula

If you want to change your life, work with these guys!

When I think back to before I started coaching it’s like I’m looking at a different life that I don’t even recognise anymore. That life was full of struggle, effort, emptiness and stress. I felt so disconnected to myself that when I thought about who I was I was filled with this kind of empty void. I felt like I didn’t know ‘ME’.

I can’t even begin to describe how much insight into myself coaching has given me.  I integrate what I’ve learnt from coaching into every single day, through the language Yolande has taught me & the way I view & approach the world and my life. Coaching with Inspire Tribe has made it crystal clear that I could keep setting all the goals in the world, but unless I felt good within myself it would be a constant struggle to achieve them.

I just loved the way I felt like both coaches really had my back; even though my sessions were with Yolande I could feel Nikk’s support at the back end.  I also, really appreciated Yolande’s no bullshit approach – She has this incredible way of “seeing” you; seeing things in you that you can’t see yourself, which she then - sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully - shows to you and helps you to understand.  This was then followed up by this overwhelming feeling she gave me that it was ok to express myself, this was something I’d never really experienced speaking to anyone else before.

Now, even though there are still things that I sometimes struggle with, things that require my effort and stress me out, I’m facing them head on & viewing them as exciting challenges that help me grow and develop as a person. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better life is when you can consistently feel this way!

Coaching also helped me decide how I wanted to make money, and I’m now earning more than I ever have before! I’d say the true value that coaching has added is the difference between succeeding and failing in the business overall - without coaching, I don’t think I could have got it off the ground in the first place.

I’ve been able to change the course of the direction of my life, by stepping up & taking charge - in my work, in my relationships and most importantly in myself!

Kate Monk - Kimira Studio, Mornington Peninsula

Just do it!

I started coaching with Inspire Tribe because I was stuck in my business and struggling to make ends meet. It has been a little over 6 months since I finished coaching with Yolande - I am more connected to myself and my potential, am experiencing more clarity and confidence in my decisions, my relationship has gone to the next level and I am enjoying a level of financial freedom I've never had before. When I started I couldn't believe that I was spending what felt like the last of my savings on coaching but have zero regrets - it has been a truly life changing experience. Just do it.

Kendall Monk - Owner, Mornington Peninsula

Embedded change, enabling me to reach my goals easier!

It's an amazing feeling being much more focused and aware these days like I haven’t been before, as it definitely now makes reaching my goals a lot easier! After my mentoring and coaching experience with Yolande at InspireTribe I spend more time than I used to taking in information before reacting to a lot of things. Which has been a huge improvement in my family dynamic, my relationships and professionally also. In the past I would have jumped to conclusions too quickly, and probably ended up in situations I really would have liked to have avoided… But now I feel a lot calmer and able to feel through situations and then respond with what feels right for me and the results have been great! I loved that my mentoring was casual and not super formal, it was nice to come into a space each session that felt relaxed. I was challenged for sure, but I always felt comfortable with Yolande. She is extremely supportive minus the (bullshit) which I found refreshing and freeing. I now feel that there is more internal joy I feel than ever before. Mindset coaching is incredible! The biggest thing I learnt was that every problem I have ever discussed came right back to me and that I was the cause and also the solution to my problems. This mindset shift has changed the way I view many things and experiences in my life and I think about my investment in mentoring as an investment in myself. I think if I had gone to see a psychologist it would have cost me much much more in time and dollars overall than seeing Yolande. Practicing what I was taught is now embedded and a lot of the time it is second nature. And at times when life throws a curve ball its now a good challenge to unfold.

Tanvi Chalke, Sandhurst

My work life and relationships have taken a big shift for the better

I would like to thank both Nikk and Yolande very much for your coaching. It's certainly helped me in so many ways. My work life has taken a big shift for the better.  The direction feels so much more congruent & inspiring.  And then my relationships are better than they’ve been for a very long time, and continuing to improve. The most amazing thing about this last 6 months is that key people have totally changed the way they interact with me. It's because I've done the same in a myriad of little ways, but it's nothing short of spectacular the change that it has brought.  It's funny - it's almost been without me really trying. Who knew those Pillars could be so powerful?!  🙂 There is still much room for improvement but it's a great feeling to be on an upward trending path! Thanks both for your insight, clarity, frankness, and honesty.

Gina Kenah, Associate Director, Collingwood

An insight into how I’m feeling mid-coaching programme

 I'm currently feeling lighter internally free and calm. I like this feeling it's as if all the heavy weight I was carrying (expectations, doubts, stress etc.) is lifted and I get to thank myself - and you for that.

I'm feeling thankful that I made the decision to sign up to InspireTribe and grateful that I'm in a position to focus on my personal development. I feel blessed and very fortunate. I feel that everyone deserves the opportunity to see the world that I do now it's a game changer.

I feel more energised today than I did yesterday and I'm committed to showing myself love everyday It’s working my internal self is also very thankful that I'm working to be more open I've deprived myself of true connections for so long. It's refreshing to be open and vulnerable and for my relationships to strengthen through that it's not as hard as I thought it would be. In fact it's pretty easy mindful that I'm still learning and have more work to do having the tools and pillars really help the mystical pillars MAKE SENSE yay!

I've been thinking about my mindset transformation over the past few months and how that is a contributor to my new relationship success and feeling the way I do allowing myself to acknowledge those feelings and feel into and think through them has intensified my connection.

So, I suppose what I'm saying is that you've helped me find love love for myself and others thanks! You're ace!


Mel Ryan, Mornington Peninsula

More valuable than a Masters

The authenticity of Yolande and her approachable personality made my recent mentoring with InspireTribe, life changing! Having learnt that my feelings are pretty intuitive and they have a lot to say, I’ve been using them a heap more to guide my in decisions. My  biggest acknowledgements from the mentoring would have to be:
  1. Before coaching I was guarded and very much a ‘closed’ person. Whilst warm and kind, I was not open or vulnerable. Hiding behind the internal walls I had built to protect myself.
The shift in mindset allowed me to embrace openness and vulnerability, and in turn love myself and others. I have never experienced love or connection with others like I do now!
  1. Before coaching I had suffered from PTSD and anxiety.
The shift in mindset allowed me to acknowledge, own and remove the triggers associated with this. I have not experienced any PTSD or anxiety related issues since accepting one of InspireTribe’s key philosophy.   I’m using many of their insights to move forward in my life as I’m choosing joy and happiness over (perceived) obligation and responsibilities which is a massive shift in my thinking. Changing my mindset WAS my goal when I committed to mentoring and I’ve achieved it and I trust that everything else will fall into place as a result of choosing ‘green squares’. Green squares is something that I learnt and is key in bringing in more happiness and success! Specifically I am now experiencing that:
  • I’m more empathetic and understanding
  • I’m more open and authentic
  • I am empowered and can empower others
  • My self-confidence is off the charts and my anxiety is gone!
Was the coaching worth the investment?
  • Absolutely. No question.
  • In comparison, I would spend the same amount on 2-3 Uni subjects.
  • The education and awareness I have gained about myself (and in-turn, others) is more valuable than either of the Master Programs I have undertaken!!!

Mel Ryan, Mornington Peninsula

For people who are already successful

I would recommend coaching with ‘Inspire Tribe’ for people who are already successful and are seeking an expert to bring out the best in them.  The specific benefits I am now experiencing due to spending time with Yolande has led to me having greater confidence within myself and my decisions across both personal and business.

I have truly enjoyed my coaching relationship with Yolande Hughes.  This is largely due to her expertise at assisting me to look at things from different perspectives, taking the emotion out of different experiences and being able to assess the situation clearly. The insights I have gained from being coached have been the way that I make my own reality and that I’m stronger than I thought I’d be.  I’m using these insights now to slow down in my decision making process and not to getting caught up in the drama of situations. I love my strength and determination that I now have. Yolande Hughes is open, kind and best of all challenges my thinking and she brings the best out in me!"

Melaine Gleeson co-founder endota

Unburden myself from a lifetime of stuff

To say that you meet someone and feel as though your life has been changed because of it, is a tired and worn out old line. Unless it is true! We take the knocks and the worries on the chin and move stoically on. I am sure that many, like me, go through a lifetime without emptying the buckets of pain and discomfort, because “who would understand. It is my problem and I will deal with it”. Yolande would say that these are the part of the strategies by which we then live our lives. The decisions that we made which are now not relevant or required, if they ever were and that by developing a new strategy we can get rid of the rubbish that has directed us to places that we don’t need to be. She refers to finding the pearl at the end of the string and that by releasing it, all the others fall away after it. It is true. Some may say that it is mumbo jumbo and why wouldn’t they? Neuro-Linguistic Programming sounds off the wall, but it works. It helped me to understand how to react, communicate and manage my day to day existence in a much clearer and understanding way. Yolande enabled me to unburden myself from a lifetime of stuff I didn’t need and clear a “physical” headache that was 3 months old. I don’t believe that you need to have a current issue to talk to Yolande and go through NLP, you may just need to want to be better at living and working with those around you. Yolande is a gift that anyone who wants to gain more out of life should treat themselves to.

Barry - Director PenIntel, Mt Eliza

Improved in all areas of my life

I have improved in all areas of my life in many wonderful ways, Yolande is like a locksmith that helps you unlock potential that you may be unable to see in yourself, she will carefully and effectively lead you to the space you are wanting to go but may have been unable to see for your self. Don’t think for a moment she will do all the work for you, this requires full involvement from you and the more you engage the better the outcome for you. You may be already highly successful but you know deep down you could improve. The written word cannot in any way display the positive impact this has had on my life, but what’s more important the ripple effects it will have on my wonderful wife and children for generations to come, may you make a wise but important decision.

Scott Baker - Director Operations, Twin Towers Trading

Uncover the person you are

Have you ever been to a restaurant and the menu said chose any meal you want and we will cook it? No! They always have what they think you want and hope that you will chose something from that menu that you may like. That’s what a traditional business coach is like it’s a limited choice with limited results almost a one size fits all. I have worked with a business coach before and it was a good meal at reasonable price and the menu had variety. I have also worked with Yolande and the difference was like have a Michelin 5 star chef cooking in my home the fresh foods that I love in the style I adore not only did she cook up this amazing meal but gave me the tools and tutoring so I could do it when she was gone so I could continue to do this on an ongoing basis. There is really no comparison in the quality the style and the RAW results Yolande is able to help for you achieve for yourself and for your business. I would say that 1 hour spent with Yolande would be worth more than 2 months with a general Business Coach. Yolande succinctly and accurately helps you uncover the person you are, the person you want to be and the results you need to achieve to get there, and when she does, look out! The rest falls into place with speed and accuracy!

Scott - Business Owner, Mornington

More clarity around my life purpose

I underwent the Inspire Tribe Coaching program with Yolande and the effect has been so insightful and invaluable. Before entering into this course I was so far away from having sense of direction in my life and clarity around my life’s purpose. I had so many dreams and desires to start and set out to achieve, but had no idea of where to start. I felt so unbelievably drained by my fuzzy thinking and stop starting behaviour. The transformation that began to unfold through these sessions with Yolande was in two words Life Changing. I began to have a sense of who I was, why I’m here and what has been holding me back from achieving my greatness and purpose in life.  It couldn’t come at a better time for me as I so unbelievably confused and was about to make one of the biggest decisions in my life. With Yolande’s comforting and caring nature I was able to share my inner thoughts and desires with her, and her communicational skills made the whole experience even more pleasurable. Accompanied by Yolande’s brilliance of unfolding my deep inner thoughts I was able to transform some very old beliefs and habits that have stopped me from achieving my very best. Yolande has been a blessing in my life and her support has been outstanding. I have more clarity around my life purpose and have developed a better sense of direction. My confidence has lifted and I feel as though I can now go on and achieve anything that I desire to do. The tools that were available to me have been very useful and I will continue to use them throughout my journey. This coaching is to date the best self-transformation investment that I have ever chosen to undertake. Thank you Yolande you have changed my life

Sharon - Trainer, Frankston

Genuinely happy and everyday I am grateful

Your sessions really brought out and consolidated a lot of what I learnt over the most recent few years, but struggled to own and live out without your assistance. Now I actually genuinely look forward to work, I'm actually excited! And all the staff have noticed how happy my patients are when they leave and also how much busier I am becoming. I am also genuinely happy and everyday I am grateful. I am much lighter. I connect with people so much easier. The issue with feeling self-conscious has completely gone and people repeatedly comment to me that they like this new version of me! When nothing significant has happened I'll catch myself smiling happily in the car for no reason!  The stage I am at now I feel I am finally heading down the awesome direction that I was seeking I wanted to tell you all this, to thank you so much for your help in getting me to this stage. I am so very relieved that I am finally here.  I have been so much happier since our coaching. A lot of things have just fallen in to place. I am so much more confident. And I wanted to say that you have helped calm me and attract positive experiences into my life. Your ability to tune in to a person and flow with the situation is great you are flexible and able to meet the needs of the client on any given session. I now truly believe all the tools that I need are within myself. Thanks again for all your help!

Fiona - Health Professional, South East Melbourne

Helped fast track all my goals

Life coaching with Yolande completely changed my outlook, it allowed me to TAKE CONTROL of my own life, provided answers, gave me direction and most importantly the personal growth that I achieved during that short time frame was phenomenal! I started life coaching purely because I was intrigued, before starting I was a bit cocky and thought 'well I do have my life pretty well put together, I know what I want.... how would someone else really be able to help if I didn't feel like I need much help!?' - Ohhh how I was wrong!! - Yolande helped fast track all my goals that I had given 2 years to achieve within 3 months and helped me move on from events which I didn't even realise at the time were impacting me negatively. My relationship with my partner of 10 years is stronger than ever & I have just opened my first successful business and through now knowing my own "values & boundaries" (thanks to Yolande), I have an amazing team working with me.  Tragically my mother passed away towards the end of coaching, if you asked me a year ago how would I react if my mother died, honestly I would have told you I wouldn't know what to do, my world would end too. Through coaching and the personal, emotional and mental growth I achieved in this time with Yolande, I actually surprised myself - I was able to accept her death and start to become at peace with it, anything negative I felt I chose to change and focus on the positives, or used it as motivation to help me move forward. Yolande's ongoing support through phone calls and emails outside of our appointment times was above and beyond what I expected- she is genuinely caring, helpful, kind and her words of wisdom can help transform anyone's life in a positive and fast way. Life coaching was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I would recommend anyone, of any age to do it. I will definitely be back for future coaching! Thank you so much Yolande, I truly don't think you understand how much the coaching changed my life for the better.

Gemma Linnell - Business Owner, Rosebud

My life has changed

I feel so blessed to have had coaching with Yolande! My life has changed so much over these 6 months. I must admit, in the beginning when mindset coaching was suggested I was a bit reluctant. I was sure that it wasn’t going to get me out of the slump I was in, but boy was I wrong! This coaching program has been more valuable and rewarding than I could have ever imagined! When I first came to see Yolande I was lost, confused and depressed. But thanks to her amazing coaching, I can now confidently say that I am none of those things anymore!  She has not only opened my eyes but changed my way of thinking.  I am now in control of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have never felt more empowered! I have learnt so much about myself, and grown so much as person. I am so happy to now have sense of direction and much more of a positive outlook on life. It was incredible to have someone to talk to who completely understood everything I said, felt and thought.  For the things she has taught me, and all that I have learned, I will be forever grateful. Thank-you for breaking me out of my comfort zone, I am now excited for the opportunities life has to offer.  You’re a life changer!

Steph Phillps - Mornington Peninsula

Changed responses to the pressures

Yolande was brilliant at giving me the tools and clarity of thought that has allowed me to very quickly change the way in which I was able to respond to the pressures I was facing post-divorce and the taking on of full time custody of my teenage children.  She helped me to discover visual cues specific to my situation that have been so important to helping me to both modify my own responses, but also greatly assisted me with the guidance I have been able to provide my children. Yolande has a genuine care for her client.  Without bogging down in the detail of my issues, she had a remarkable ability to identify behavioral patterns and to give me practical guidance on better alternatives.  I was never going to be interested in the theories of coaching.  I wanted practical advice and that is exactly what I received from Yolande.  The difference Yolande made for me at a very difficult time in my life was profound.

John Peterson - Business Owner, Frankston

Full faith in my new abilities

I spent 6 months with Yolande and my investment was 100% well spent!!  Looking now at the big picture of it all. Yolande was like a big, heavy-duty removalist, helping me to rid my mind of a lot of old unwanted, out of date, heavy stuff. Imagine wading through all that dark and dusty stuff every time I wanted to make a simple decision. Well that's how it felt. Now instead of repeating the wasted years of ruminating and driving myself crazy, I am able to move quickly into a more useful, productive way of feeling and thinking and I’m able to decipher what's actually going on, and not getting clogged and bogged down. I have full faith in my new abilities to be observant, think through things and confidently create the life I want. This ability of my changed way of thinking and processing, has also shown me how and why I used to get depressed and that is an amazing, liberating feeling, knowing I have total control and no longer fear this shadow.

Kim, Tyabb

I felt for the first time, clarity

When I sat in front of Yolande for the first time I was still completely devastated from my husband leaving me suddenly 18 months before. I had been to many different councilors but still felt shattered, alone and scared. Within 30 minutes Yolande had sent me down a completely different mindset. Within an hour I understood empowerment. By the end of my session I felt, for the first time, clarity and a positive path forward that has continued and grown since. We all want a quick fix when we feel so destroyed after separation.  However Yolande’s approach to the healing process makes that journey a discovery of yourself, which ultimately frees you from anger, upset and grief.

Jill Duggan

Come to terms with the end of the relationship

I was struggling with feelings of loss, failure and a lack of direction after my relationship ended. The coaching i received was unbelievably powerful in helping me to come to terms with the end of the relationship, feel good about myself again and gain a sense of direction in regard to the things I wanted to achieve for my future. I cannot recommend the coaching with Yolande highly enough, she helps you find your own tools to move on from the past, gain clarity in the present and find new motivation for the future. I found it to be life changing!"

Barrett Houston - Franchise Owner Jim's Computer Services, Sommerville

Turns impossibilities into possibilities

I initially approached Yolande to seek assistance and guidance on a possible career change but she has helped me rework so much more in my life than just my career.  Yolande turns impossibilities into possibilities and has helped me change the way I see, think about and do things in a much more productive way. I highly recommend Yolande to anyone who is uncertain about anything in their life.

Miffy - Personal Assistant

Define who I am but where I want to go

I underwent the 12 week Coaching Transformation course and the effect it has had upon me was invaluable. Before undertaking the course, not only was I so far removed from understanding my true self and nature, my confidence was low and I felt confused as to what I wanted and who I was. Being a single mother I had become used to running on auto pilot, seemingly unconscious and allowing life to just happen without taking charge. Yolande’s professionalism and expertise, coupled with her unwavering support and ease of communication enabled me to not only define who I am but where I want to go and how to achieve it. She has been an ongoing support and with the aid of this program I was able to figure out my dreams and aspirations and how to truly make them happen. I feel more capable of determining my life’s ambitions and my confidence and sense of self-worth has increased immensely. The tools and resources that were available I will be able to reference again and again.  This has enabled me to discover the true meaning of living a highly achievable and incredible quality of life. It is to date one of the best investments I have ever made.

Jess - Yoga teacher, Mornington