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Positively disrupting teams

InspireTribe’s monthly business programme was a great way for us to see our team in a whole new light.  Having their mindset challenged allowed both the individuals themselves and us as business owners to see just how much they were really capable of.  This programme shone the light on areas for improvement, and it showed a number of key team members how to significantly reduce their stress and anxiety levels.  As a result those individuals have stepped up and taken on further personal responsibility and they feel great about being able to do so.  It’s been such a positive on so many different levels. If you want your team, positively disrupted, so they can let go of old behaviours and embrace new ones, highly recommend the InspireTribe team!

Shannon Smit & Nadia Hughes - Smart Business Solutions, Mornington

My work life and relationships have taken a big shift for the better

I would like to thank both Nikk and Yolande very much for your coaching. It's certainly helped me in so many ways. My work life has taken a big shift for the better.  The direction feels so much more congruent & inspiring.  And then my relationships are better than they’ve been for a very long time, and continuing to improve. The most amazing thing about this last 6 months is that key people have totally changed the way they interact with me. It's because I've done the same in a myriad of little ways, but it's nothing short of spectacular the change that it has brought.  It's funny - it's almost been without me really trying. Who knew those Pillars could be so powerful?!  🙂 There is still much room for improvement but it's a great feeling to be on an upward trending path! Thanks both for your insight, clarity, frankness, and honesty.

Gina Kenah, Associate Director, Collingwood

I invested in myself and started to blossom!

I commenced as InspireTribe’s bookkeeper, 20 months prior, & whilst I was successfully running my own bookkeeping/consulting business, I was struggling with other facets of my life, which I felt was creeping into my business life, & I knew that I could not allow this to happen. I approached Nikk, to enquire about committing to the programme, after listening to other clients, watching webinars & reading their monthly blogs, I felt that on both a business & personal level that I could benefit greatly. At the time, I was probably at my lowest low of my life, overwhelmed, battling a difficult divorce with an abusive ex-husband, which involved the custody of our only child, & the merging of my business with another company, that was time consuming, difficult & extremely hard work, it really took every ounce of my wellbeing & happiness.  At this point that I was so deflated & struggling to smile & feel happiness, I had become a shell of a person, & was doubting my ability to move forward. With Nikk's support, advice & encouragement (& homework), I quickly saw the positives of a very sad & negative situation.  I took ownership & steps in the right direction, & in a very short period of time I felt a sense of strength, happiness & satisfaction.  I started to make decisions that I felt were right & I stopped procrastinating about every decision or move I made. I invested in myself, & I started to blossom! I still have days of sadness & regret, but I have learnt through "thinking & feeling" how to deal with my thoughts & actions.  What I have learnt from Nikk & Yolande, has helped set me up for life, & they are lessons that I use everyday & develop more & more with each experience.  I also have the ability now to assist my son & pass on these lessons, in a "mother-son" relationship. My experience was empowering & uplifting & gave me confidence to move forward, & not to look back!  No more negative voices in my head, it is great!    

Melissa Newsome, Exceptional Business Consulting Group, Gold Coast

Find myself looking at the big picture

Inspire Tribe has helped me to look at situations in a different frame of mind with work and personal life. I now find myself looking at the big picture and being positive rather than concentrating on the negative. Thinking in this mind set can really improve your average day whether you’re at work, out with friends or with family.

Beau Wilson, Sydney

A new way of approaching situations

Hi guys, Just a quick note to say I have really enjoyed participating in your Inspire Tribe series and have found it a really useful way to remain focused on what is important.  What helped the most was the regular reminder (roughly every two weeks) to prioritise values and offer a new way of approaching situations.   All the best.

Campbell Craig, The Sports Injury Clinic

Our team is certainly a closer unit

Our team has gathered a great deal from the Webinar series. To sit together as a team and be challenged to think openly about the finer points of how and why we approach day to day interactions and situations has been very rewarding. Our team is certainly a closer unit due to the success of the program.

James Miller, Frankston

Overcoming fear and turning it into fuel

Unlocking my thoughts was considered to be a mission impossible for most people…. including myself! It only took Nikk a couple of Inspire Tribe webinar sessions to have all the locks smashed, and for the first time I had the courage to extract my believes and opinions on different aspects of life and put them on the table, which enabled me – with Nikk’s help – to do the required transformation to accept new life changing views. Amongst many things I’ve learnt during the webinar series, I’ve learnt to be in control rather than being controlled, by overcoming fear and turning it into fuel to tackle what seemed to be scary situations. Consequently, I was able to not only take charge in different circumstances, but also to make a positive difference at work, within my community….and most importantly at home!

Nader Awad, Berwick

“This is my life” and I must take responsibility

The Inspire Tribe webinar has been enlightening for me. It made me understand that my values and beliefs are ever changing and at the same time analyse what my priorities in life are.  I understand the benefits of using filters to take only information that feels good and takes my life into the right direction. I now understand that “this is my life” and I must take responsibility for my actions. It has changed the way I react to other people and events. It has definitely been an impact on my life going forward ensuring that I am in a good place at work and in my personal life. I would recommend the Inspire Tribe webinar. There will be something you will take from the webinar that will change you for the better going forward.

David Sharp, Vision Finance

Improved my relationships in the workplace and at home

It’s amazing how taking 1 hr out of the working day to do an Inspire Tribe webinar can plant a seed for a life changing or improving effect. I have found the Inspire Tribe webinars to be engaging, interactive, fun, thought provoking and empowering sessions.  Each session covers a different topic of personal development that, layer by layer and reveals the power we have in ourselves to create positive change.  It is literally mind blowing how simply being more aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions has improved my relationships in the workplace and at home, the choices I make, and my overall happiness. I would not hesitate in recommending Inspire Tribe – the more teams and individuals who can access these sessions can only improve their lives even more, both personally and professionally.  Thanks Inspire Tribe!"

Rachelle Thomsen, Rosebud

Well and truly exceeded my expectations

Inspire Tribe was extremely helpful for me and my team. Nikk and Yolande totally challenged our thinking and I would recommend any type of business to join in. It was fun, friendly, unique and great to get the team together and have everyone participate. It well and truly exceeded my expectations.

David Lennox, VFP Sydney

Helped me with my day to day dealing of clients

Being involved in the Inspire Tribe webinar series has certainly “sparked” some new ideas and ways of thinking in how I approach my personal and professional life. I have become more aware of my actions, communication skills and thought patterns and how this impacts on my life and those around me. It has helped me with my day to day dealing of clients, which is vital as my role as an exercise physiologist requires the ability to develop good relationships with a wide variety of clients to help them achieve their goals.

Sam Gill, The Sports Injury Clinic

I realised I didn’t know what I didn’t know

Thank you Inspire Tribe coaches, what a fabulous personal learning journey you took me on through your webinar series. The first “light bulb” moment for me was when I realised I didn’t know what I didn’t know as I travelled through life doing the best I thought I could and being content in that life. I didn’t know that with a better understanding of myself, my feelings, my thinking and my behaviour I could take control and live truer to my values and beliefs and be even happier. By taking responsibility for what life throws at me and how I choose to react and move forward (you call it living at cause – my major life mantra now) has empowered me, given me confidence and broadened my horizons in all areas of my life. I am still a work in progress but with the awareness and tools you provided throughout the series I am continuing to grow every day and each day it gets easier to do so!!

Janine Matthias, Frankston South

I now have increased self awareness

I have come across many of the concepts in my life through reading and courses however, Inspire Tribe puts them altogether in a way that has refreshed and reinvigorated these ideas. I now have increased self awareness, I pause to consider how I will react, I’m aware of my habitual ways of responding, I ask if there is another way, I’m conscious of what am I filtering or focusing on, and I have a deeper understanding of others and why they say and do what they say and do! I love the webinar method of presentation of this material. Time efficient for busy people, interactive, and fun. Backed up by weekly notes and summaries of key concepts, and audios that can be downloaded in your own time, it's a great system and accessible to everyone. The presenters of course are Marvelous!!!"

Monica Lee endota

Practical and “useable” principles

Inspire Tribe's program has allowed me to feel more open and less reactive. Taking more responsibility for my own thoughts, feelings and outcomes.I would say it is a modern, up to date, "group" session training offering practical and "useable" principles that take anyone from any level of the business to higher levels or awareness and performance possibilities. It's fun, it's creative and educational. I enjoy the practicality of the sessions. I am learning to be more accountable for my thinking, rituals, habits and judgements I make. I like the connection I have also made with learning about those I spend time with and the impact of those as well as the impact my behaviours and thoughts will also have on others in my personal and professional relationships!

Georgie Wood endota

Increased ability to analyze why

The Inspire Tribe allows me uninterrupted time to reflect on where I have been, where I am at right now and where I want to get to.  It's a program that is very interactive and challenging - no one can be a passenger, everyone has to engage and it's working for me! It is focused on the individual, but the benefits for business are clear as people are able to self reflect and become a better leader or team players! I now have increased ability to analyze why I or others behave the way we do. The importance of giving myself time to reflect and plan has been hugely beneficial and the power of using outside facilitators to challenge and provide guidance as I travel on my path of growth as been fantastic. I am now making decisions in a more reflective, confident way. Focusing on the positives in my life and  being more active in bringing more positive elements to my life. Thank you!"

Elizabeth Pilkington endota

Calmer in my approach to situations that flare up

I would recommend my Inspire Tribe group coaching program as it’s a therapy fix in your busy week! It is relevant on a professional and personal level! It helps with all areas of life and can be related to all circumstances and challenges you will be faced with in your business! I am using the insights from the course to move forward in my life and my business as I feel a lot more informed and in control of situations! I am able to relate and communicate better with the people around me, and it has made me much calmer in my approach to situations that flare up! I have been able to change behavioral patterns that I have learned from my parents that are no longer working for me! Such as not expressing feeling as I used to always wanted to be liked, fears of financial lack and feelings of lack of choice. Also allowing myself to receive as well as give. Nikk and Yolande make you think differently about yourself and others! They draw on personal examples. Also they are inspiring as they have created the ideal lifestyle for themselves so it can be done!!"

Yvette Lever endota

Feel and act a whole lot more authentically

The Inspire Tribe Next Level Mindset program, in a nutshell, has given me the insight and confidence to live a much healthier and well balanced life.  The insights that I have learnt and/or have been reinforced through the programme have allowed me to feel and act a whole lot more authentically both in my personal and professional life...   After all these years I understand how to constructively communicate the whole spectrum of emotions including frustration, anger and disappointment without it creating further damage. Thank you to Nikk and Yolande for being so open, sharing and real in their teachings!

Catherine Matthews, CSC Advisor, Human Resources Expert

Practical, positive and effective strategies

I am writing to to thank you so much for the services that you and the team at Inspire Tribe have provided. I have particularly found the concept of the webinar stimulating, engaging and best of all inspirational. The format is interactive and lots of fun. I have also found that the topics each week have provided me with a understanding of myself and the way in which I approach all things. These realization assist me everyday with the way I  approach my work and my private life with practical, positive and effective strategies that not only work, but make me feel terrific at the same time. I have also noticed a positive spinoff with my colleagues too! I now feel empowered and ready to face the next challenge with confidence and enthusiasm. Thank you, so much, I wish I'd had the opportunity to do this years ago.

Steve Hofer WKH Architects

Think and respond in a positive and functional way

I have been participating in the Next Level Mindset program for the last six months and it's been a really rewarding process.  I've learnt a lot about the unconscious needs and ways of thinking that have been driving my behaviour and holding me back.  By becoming more aware of these drivers, I'm now learning to think and respond in a positive and functional way, rather than just react blindly and make the same mistakes over and over again.  Nikk and Yolande have provided very simple but powerful prompts that I've been able to incorporate into my daily life, such as being aware of when unnecessary fear is stopping me from doing something.  I've been able to apply the new self-knowledge both at work and at home, and it's really paying off.  The knowledge shared is really empowering and I'm looking forward to continuing to grow and learn through the rest of the program.

Trish Malone, CSC Advisor, Compensation

Remarkable life shifts

I have done many courses over the years and read widely.  So when I started the Next Level Mindset on-line group coaching programme with my team I was expecting some new & interesting information.  What I found however was that group coaching, as provided by Inspire Tribe, can provide remarkable life shifts to each of the individuals within the group no matter their starting point.  The concepts we worked through have virtually infinite depth so as participants, with the time and guidance given by Nikk & Yolande, we were all able to take our understanding to a deeper level, whatever that meant for each of us.  It was literally life changing for me.

Jennifer Wade, Senior Human Resources Manager, CSC