Sales Training & Plateau Busting for Owners & Teams

Sales Training & Plateau Busting for Owners & Teams

Most sales people reach a sales plateau within the first 3 years of selling and for many the plateau falls far short of their ideal target. Our sales training breaks through that plateau.

In Plateau Busting key mindset models will lift the lid on personal sales power. Gain a profound understanding of the emotional & behavioural patterns that unconsciously limit us every day. Then, discover the science of shifting these limiting patterns so you can effortlessly access the self inspiration that will see you connecting to clients, tapping into their wants, needs and desires and delivering effective & mutually profitable solutions.

Who is sales training for?

For business owners and sales teams. This programme is direct & specific. Get clear on exactly what’s holding you back, what it’s costing you and how to eliminate the source and replace it with profound shifts that will see you effortlessly exceeding targets.

Specific Outcomes

Discover where your strengths & limitations come from, so you can consciously use them to generate more income through:

  • Effortless Sales Activity through elimination of unconscious and self sabotaging beliefs
  • Increased Conversion Rates using skills to understand and connect deeply with customers
  • Maximinsied Staff Retention through improved personal accountability & responsibility
  • Effective Communication with managers, team members & clients through increased style flexibility
  • Strengthened Relationships leading to repeat clients, brand loyalty, and referrals
  • Improved Internal Motivation & Inspiration by aligning personal and company values