Conscious Leadership Training Immersion Programme

Conscious Leadership Training Immersion Programme

This 2-day Conscious Leadership Training Immersion Programme shows leaders exactly how to consciously create the leadership skills that will set them apart from the pack.

Mindset is a powerful thing; because our thinking determines how we lead. We must lead ourselves first, and others second.

It will challenge the way your leaders think, plan, lead and behave. Through this challenge and with the assistance of advanced mindset and emotional intelligence tools they will become Conscious Leaders. Leaders who are not only self inspired but who can also inspire others driving your company forward.

Who’s Conscious Leadership Training for?

This is Conscious Leadership Training for the true leaders of today & tomorrow so it’s NOT for the faint hearted! If you have intelligent leaders

who are capable of even more, this is the course for them. They will gain the ability to consciously and continuously evolve as a leader so they can set the vision for their company (or business unit) and then inspire others to execute that vision with passion.

At the same time, if you have Senior Executives who have become set in their ways and through their lack of flexibility are starting to limit those under them then this course will inspire them to step up and once again become leaders of themselves so they can in turn leads those in their charge.

Specific Outcomes

  • Elevated Leadership Capability
  • Heightened Leader Engagement
  • Expanded Team Engagement
  • Improved Team Effectiveness
  • Deeper Sense of Personal Purpose
  • Broadened Collaboration
  • Increased Team Retention
  • Maximised Profits