Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Unburden myself from a lifetime of stuff

To say that you meet someone and feel as though your life has been changed because of it, is a tired and worn out old line. Unless it is true!

We take the knocks and the worries on the chin and move stoically on. I am sure that many, like me, go through a lifetime without emptying the buckets of pain and discomfort, because “who would understand. It is my problem and I will deal with it”. Yolande would say that these are the part of the strategies by which we then live our lives. The decisions that we made which are now not relevant or required, if they ever were and that by developing a new strategy we can get rid of the rubbish that has directed us to places that we don’t need to be. She refers to finding the pearl at the end of the string and that by releasing it, all the others fall away after it. It is true.

Some may say that it is mumbo jumbo and why wouldn’t they? Neuro-Linguistic Programming sounds off the wall, but it works. It helped me to understand how to react, communicate and manage my day to day existence in a much clearer and understanding way. Yolande enabled me to unburden myself from a lifetime of stuff I didn’t need and clear a “physical” headache that was 3 months old.

I don’t believe that you need to have a current issue to talk to Yolande and go through NLP, you may just need to want to be better at living and working with those around you. Yolande is a gift that anyone who wants to gain more out of life should treat themselves to.

Barry - Director PenIntel, Mt Eliza