Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Strategies to move beyond what I thought was possible

I feel extremely honoured to be providing this testimonial for Nikk and I would like to express my gratitude for our coaching sessions.

Each session is both focused and fun, direct and honest. With Nikk’s expertise I have gained valuable insight into self and how my mind works and strategies to move beyond what I thought was possible. In short to recognise, own, change and act accordingly. With an interest in the mind/body connection, I found the mental challenges helpful and joyful. I appreciate and commend Nikk on her ability to absolutely focus on me and my thoughts, opinions and beliefs, and leave her own “personal self” aside.

I appreciate her highly professional conduct and commitment. Her enthusiasm for coaching and life in general are very inspirational.

Bettina Pfannkuch, The Art of Balance - Yoga & Massage