Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

My business outlook changed immediately

“After managing the many roles within my small architectural practice over a number of years, I had started to
feel work consuming me and the work life balance was slipping further away. I realised that I did not have any
clear personal or business goals for the future and was working longer hours without any tangible benefit.
In my quest for some guidance, the excellent credentials of ‘Vision’ caught my eye.

When I sat down at the first meeting, I instantly realised that Nikki had a wealth of personal and business
knowledge and very precise techniques to unlock my thinking. I was immediately able to see beyond my every day routine and frustrations and objectively analyze my current situation relative to where I wanted to be. By just tweaking a few everyday processes within my business and coupling this with a number of subtle yet powerful mindset shifts that Nikki helped me to make, my business outlook changed immediately and within a short period of time, I have benefited significantly both personally and professionally. Just one of the invaluable life lessons learned has been that the way we perceive ourselves directly impacts on what we can achieve personally and professionally.

I can’t thank Nikki and her team enough for the knowledge imparted to me and how this has helped me to
develop and move forward”

Michael Baker, Director, Zenibaker Architects