Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

My business doubled

I really loved my coaching sessions with Nikk. I remember each day when I was scheduled for a session I would get nervous. By the time the session finished, I was always full of energy and felt so alive. I think coaching should be as common practice as going to the doctor or chiro or dentist. Mindset is as important as all of that. And Nikk is as good as they get. She’s amazing at leading me down a path, but letting me take the steps. She is an incredible listener and is able to hear the underlying feelings and thoughts that are causing the problems. One of the biggest insights I’ve had from coaching with Nikk is my tendency to externalise my problems, to look at others or situations or things outside myself for the cause of a problem. She’s great at always bringing me back to finding myself at the source of everything in my life – all good things and all and things. That’s pretty empowering because if I’m the cause of all the good & the bad, I can actually make a change if I want to. If ‘Jane Doe’ is at the source of my problem, she has the power to change it.

The mindset that Nikk coached me on is all about finding myself at the source of my life and my experience, personally and in every other area. We talked a lot about personal stuff, but the impact had a ripple effect in all areas of my life. The most measurable result I received after my coaching with Nikk last year is the fact that my business doubled and I earned more than I ever have. It was a matter of really getting on a deep level that nobody else was going to do the stuff that the business needed to double. I took full responsibility for its success for the first time and saw myself at the source of any problem or success.

I would recommend Inspire Tribe Coaches to anyone with no reservations. I’ve been coached by a few coaches now and they are by far the best on so many levels. They so clearly live and breathe everything that they coach – they’re such good examples of ‘walking the walk’ not just ‘talking the talk’ They’re the real deal. Even more than that, though, is that when you’re with them you feel like you have this amazing person taking a total stand for you and your life, helping you see the ‘you’ that inspires them, and in turn yourself.

Leah Davidson, Mt Eliza