Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Increased ability to analyze why

The Inspire Tribe allows me uninterrupted time to reflect on where I have been, where I am at right now and where I want to get to.  It’s a program that is very interactive and challenging – no one can be a passenger, everyone has to engage and it’s working for me! It is focused on the individual, but the benefits for business are clear as people are able to self reflect and become a better leader or team players!

I now have increased ability to analyze why I or others behave the way we do. The importance of giving myself time to reflect and plan has been hugely beneficial and the power of using outside facilitators to challenge and provide guidance as I travel on my path of growth as been fantastic.

I am now making decisions in a more reflective, confident way. Focusing on the positives in my life and  being more active in bringing more positive elements to my life. Thank you!”

Elizabeth Pilkington endota