Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Helped fast track all my goals

Life coaching with Yolande completely changed my outlook, it allowed me to TAKE CONTROL of my own life, provided answers, gave me direction and most importantly the personal growth that I achieved during that short time frame was phenomenal! I started life coaching purely because I was intrigued, before starting I was a bit cocky and thought ‘well I do have my life pretty well put together, I know what I want…. how would someone else really be able to help if I didn’t feel like I need much help!?’ – Ohhh how I was wrong!! – Yolande helped fast track all my goals that I had given 2 years to achieve within 3 months and helped me move on from events which I didn’t even realise at the time were impacting me negatively.

My relationship with my partner of 10 years is stronger than ever & I have just opened my first successful business and through now knowing my own “values & boundaries” (thanks to Yolande), I have an amazing team working with me.  Tragically my mother passed away towards the end of coaching, if you asked me a year ago how would I react if my mother died, honestly I would have told you I wouldn’t know what to do, my world would end too. Through coaching and the personal, emotional and mental growth I achieved in this time with Yolande, I actually surprised myself – I was able to accept her death and start to become at peace with it, anything negative I felt I chose to change and focus on the positives, or used it as motivation to help me move forward. Yolande’s ongoing support through phone calls and emails outside of our appointment times was above and beyond what I expected- she is genuinely caring, helpful, kind and her words of wisdom can help transform anyone’s life in a positive and fast way.

Life coaching was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I would recommend anyone, of any age to do it. I will definitely be back for future coaching! Thank you so much Yolande, I truly don’t think you understand how much the coaching changed my life for the better.

Gemma Linnell - Business Owner, Rosebud