Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Full faith in my new abilities

I spent 6 months with Yolande and my investment was 100% well spent!!  Looking now at the big picture of it all. Yolande was like a big, heavy-duty removalist, helping me to rid my mind of a lot of old unwanted, out of date, heavy stuff. Imagine wading through all that dark and dusty stuff every time I wanted to make a simple decision. Well that’s how it felt. Now instead of repeating the wasted years of ruminating and driving myself crazy, I am able to move quickly into a more useful, productive way of feeling and thinking and I’m able to decipher what’s actually going on, and not getting clogged and bogged down. I have full faith in my new abilities to be observant, think through things and confidently create the life I want.

This ability of my changed way of thinking and processing, has also shown me how and why I used to get depressed and that is an amazing, liberating feeling, knowing I have total control and no longer fear this shadow.

Kim, Tyabb