Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Define who I am but where I want to go

I underwent the 12 week Coaching Transformation course and the effect it has had upon me was invaluable. Before undertaking the course, not only was I so far removed from understanding my true self and nature, my confidence was low and I felt confused as to what I wanted and who I was.

Being a single mother I had become used to running on auto pilot, seemingly unconscious and allowing life to just happen without taking charge. Yolande’s professionalism and expertise, coupled with her unwavering support and ease of communication enabled me to not only define who I am but where I want to go and how to achieve it. She has been an ongoing support and with the aid of this program I was able to figure out my dreams and aspirations and how to truly make them happen. I feel more capable of determining my life’s ambitions and my confidence and sense of self-worth has increased immensely. The tools and resources that were available I will be able to reference again and again.  This has enabled me to discover the true meaning of living a highly achievable and incredible quality of life. It is to date one of the best investments I have ever made.

Jess - Yoga teacher, Mornington