Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

More clarity around my life purpose

I underwent the Inspire Tribe Coaching program with Yolande and the effect has been so insightful and invaluable. Before entering into this course I was so far away from having sense of direction in my life and clarity around my life’s purpose. I had so many dreams and desires to start and set out to achieve, but had no idea of where to start. I felt so unbelievably drained by my fuzzy thinking and stop starting behaviour.

The transformation that began to unfold through these sessions with Yolande was in two words Life Changing. I began to have a sense of who I was, why I’m here and what has been holding me back from achieving my greatness and purpose in life.  It couldn’t come at a better time for me as I so unbelievably confused and was about to make one of the biggest decisions in my life.

With Yolande’s comforting and caring nature I was able to share my inner thoughts and desires with her, and her communicational skills made the whole experience even more pleasurable. Accompanied by Yolande’s brilliance of unfolding my deep inner thoughts I was able to transform some very old beliefs and habits that have stopped me from achieving my very best.

Yolande has been a blessing in my life and her support has been outstanding. I have more clarity around my life purpose and have developed a better sense of direction. My confidence has lifted and I feel as though I can now go on and achieve anything that I desire to do. The tools that were available to me have been very useful and I will continue to use them throughout my journey. This coaching is to date the best self-transformation investment that I have ever chosen to undertake. Thank you Yolande you have changed my life

Sharon - Trainer, Frankston