Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Changed responses to the pressures

Yolande was brilliant at giving me the tools and clarity of thought that has allowed me to very quickly change the way in which I was able to respond to the pressures I was facing post-divorce and the taking on of full time custody of my teenage children.  She helped me to discover visual cues specific to my situation that have been so important to helping me to both modify my own responses, but also greatly assisted me with the guidance I have been able to provide my children.
Yolande has a genuine care for her client.  Without bogging down in the detail of my issues, she had a remarkable ability to identify behavioral patterns and to give me practical guidance on better alternatives.  I was never going to be interested in the theories of coaching.  I wanted practical advice and that is exactly what I received from Yolande.  The difference Yolande made for me at a very difficult time in my life was profound.

John Peterson - Business Owner, Frankston