Inspire Tribe Client Testimonial

Calmer in my approach to situations that flare up

I would recommend my Inspire Tribe group coaching program as it’s a therapy fix in your busy week! It is relevant on a professional and personal level! It helps with all areas of life and can be related to all circumstances and challenges you will be faced with in your business!

I am using the insights from the course to move forward in my life and my business as I feel a lot more informed and in control of situations! I am able to relate and communicate better with the people around me, and it has made me much calmer in my approach to situations that flare up!

I have been able to change behavioral patterns that I have learned from my parents that are no longer working for me! Such as not expressing feeling as I used to always wanted to be liked, fears of financial lack and feelings of lack of choice. Also allowing myself to receive as well as give.

Nikk and Yolande make you think differently about yourself and others! They draw on personal examples. Also they are inspiring as they have created the ideal lifestyle for themselves so it can be done!!”

Yvette Lever endota