How to quickly assist a person (who is holding you or your project back) to let go of the past and embrace change

Got someone in your team,
(they may be above or below you)
who’s holding things back?

They need to change.
But, they’re resisting it.

Maybe it’s conscious.
Maybe it’s not.
Either way,
it’s slowing everything down.
They say they want to move forward.
But their actions indicate otherwise.

They’re not happy about the change.
They’d prefer things stayed the same.

Change makes them uncomfortable
or it makes them feel bad,
like they’re being forced to do something
they really don’t want to do.

The quickest way
to help individuals in this situation
to let go of the past,
and embrace the future,
is to help them by giving them choice.

Not one choice,
but many choices.

Because there’s nothing worse
than being given no choice.

No perceived choice leads to no perceived control.
And the feeling of having no control is distracting at best,
anxiety producing for many,
and catastrophic for some.

So, start asking the question:

What else could we/you do?

And then what else?

And what else?

Whenever someone is stuck,
the more possible logical valid choices you can assist them to find,
the more quickly they will let go of the past,
and happily embrace the future.

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