Pressure… How to use the spotlight

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Pressure… How to use the spotlight

We all have to deal with it
in varying degrees
at varying times.

Some people love it and thrive on it.
Most people don’t.

If we look at pressure as a spotlight,
it’s easy to understand
that pressure helps us to see
the internal patterns and glitches
that we otherwise would not.

Pressure shows us what we are good at
and what we aren’t.

What we like
and what we don’t

What we can happily handle
and what we can’t.

Who we currently feel connected to
and who we don’t.

Pressure can also show us what we are grateful for
and what we resent.

The spotlight of pressure can be seen as a curse.
Something we feel we need to fight,
move away from
or hide from.

But it can also be seen as a gift.
A chance to really see
who we currently are
in the here and now.

And a chance to get clear on
who we would like to be
in the not too distant future.

The critical thing
about any form of pressure
is that it takes FAR MORE ENERGY
to deal with it
if we judge it as a NEGATIVE
rather than something
that is neither negative nor positive
but something that simply gives us
crystal clear AWARENESS.

We tense up and brace ourselves
when we’re worried about
making mistakes and failing.
But we open up and push forward
when we anticipate the chance
to learn and grow.

Remember the time as a kid
that you felt the negativity
of being under pressure?
Well, pat yourself on the back.
You got through it.
And here you are.
Stronger, more robust
and more aware.

You may not have known then
that it would all turn out ok.
But, here you are.

And now you can use that knowledge
for your future gain.

View pressure
as a simple spotlight,
one that will show you specifically
what to focus on
in order to become a stronger
more flexible and
more capable individual
in the future.

Because through learning to
effectively and efficiently work
with pressure
we get the wonderful long-term benefits
of having a happier, more energised
and more balanced life.

With warmth,

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