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Take Your Emotional Maturity to a Whole New Level

InspireTribe’s Emotional Intelligence Training and EQ Leadership Course is available throughout Melbourne and has been designed to assist you and your team with developing skills that are required for both effective communication, management and collaboration.

When undertaking our Emotional Intelligence Training Course in Melbourne you and your staff will gain the leadership skills required to become better at executing their jobs and managing their personal life, to ensure they are more productive during working hours.

Studies have shown that the level of emotional intelligence (EQ or EI) of an individual has a larger impact on career success than a person’s IQ.

Enhancing Performance with Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Fostering the ability to identify and manage one’s emotions and perceptions whilst assessing those of others is emotional intelligence. We simplify it further to consciously using our thinking and feeling together to achieve far better outcomes – this simplification leads to extraordinarily quick shifts and self awareness.

Our in-depth Emotional Intelligence Training course will encourage your management team and employees to identify how their emotions impact their decisions and actions, as well as how others perceive them. We focus on building skills through a range of self-assessment tools to successfully engage with one’s self first and then with team members at all levels.

When we are able to understand how our emotions affect how we are perceived by others, we can then begin to understand how our perceptions of others are often overshadowed by our own emotions.

By bringing Emotional Intelligence Training to your place of business (be it Melbourne or any other city), not only are you investing in developing your people, you are promoting a more peaceful, efficient-running workplace as you are arming your employees with the skills they require to be extraordinary leaders and team players.

This Works with Highly Logical Individuals and Highly Emotional individuals too!

In every team, there are individuals who rely on logic and those who are more feeling based. No matter the starting point, having the best abilities to consciously acknowledge and connect your thinking & feeling together allows a synergistic transformation in each individual and subsequently in your team.

As well, being able to logically work with the feeling realm brings unprecedented creativity and innovation to the most challenging of task.

Validating Emotions in Others in the Workplace

Having our emotions validated by our peers can be encouraging. However, recognising and validating them within ourselves leads to happier, healthier outcomes. And when we can do this internally and appreciate its value it becomes far easier and more natural to do when working with others. This simply shift within a workplace can significantly and positively impact both the engagement levels and the overall culture. This in turn has a positive effect within the working environment that enables members of the business to perform at optimal levels.

Developing and Refining Relationships

Being able to relate well to others is another vital step when it comes to emotional intelligence and takes into consideration:

  • How to listen and hear a lot more of what is being said (emotions aside)
  • Trigger words and the negative reactions they can evoke
  • Being comfortable and calm with a various range of communication styles
  • The power of empathy
  • Using emotional intelligence to mentor others
  • Self awareness

InspireTribe’s Emotional Intelligence Training will also provide you with the skills required to mentor others. This includes:

  • Being able to feel into what’s really going on
  • Asking the best questions to help clarify feelings and finding common logical ground
  • Having the right techniques on hand to help calm an emotional person
  • Model and encourage emotional self-control

InspireTribe’s Approach to Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Working Environment

Emotional Intelligence is not necessarily an innate talent, it’s a skill that can be learned. During our Emotional Intelligence Training, we enable you to both identify and develop these emotional competencies to grow stronger. We also take a look at what your role is in creating an emotionally intelligent working environment, how to self-regulate and to self-inspire.

How Emotional Intelligence Training Courses Improve Business Performance

Often barriers exist between either business partners, clients, sales or customer service teams. And when a customer feels as if you are not able to relate their concerns or needs, the opportunity of developing a business relationship significantly diminishes and ultimately interferes with your business’ bottom line. The key to building better relationships within your business is having an insight and rendering positive behaviours in personal awareness, personal management, social awareness and relationship management. An emotionally intelligent person can not only see both sides, they can feel into them too and find the best emotional connection that will enable teams to solve even the most logically challenging issues.

Emotional Intelligence Training

This training in the workplace is invaluable to any organisation as it enhances the ability of the participants to build a more meaningful connection with themselves with in turns enhances relationships with others.

Our Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training and EQ Leadership Training sessions in Melbourne are customised to suit specific needs of your business and its employees.

Mindset: emotional intelligence is when you finally realise it’s not all about you.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with a qualified trainer, contact InspireTribe on 1300 663 003.