Discover the philosophy behind Inspire Tribe and why Mindset Mentoring works

In this interview you will discover:

  • Why logical people can make big shifts quickly
  • What your language “really” says
  • How to find the thing you’re “Searching” for
  • How to create a sustainable euphoric feeling
  • How Nikk and Yolande create synergy through
    their differences
  • How a mindset shift can improve your relationships
  • How to transform problems from roadblocks into an opportunity to develop and grow
  • How expanding your thinking creates endless possibilities in your life
  • How a responsibility shift can create amazing success
  • How opening your can of worms will release you and bring freedom
  • Why the solution you fear may not be necessary once you experience a mindset shift
  • How their journey has transformed their lives, and offers a glimpse of what everyone can achieve

We hope you enjoy this interview. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss making a Mindset Shift yourself.

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