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How to enjoy the pace of slow change

  Sometimes when we want to change when we really want to change it can be tough. Because we make a shift and it feels good really good. Then we slip. We go back back to the old ways of being and that can feel bad really bad. But here’s the thing if you stay…
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Why EQ beats IQ, hands down. The Maths of Emotional Intelligence

  I used to think logic was the be all and end all. I used to think that what I knew was far more important than how I felt. EQ or EI Training? “Ummm…” “It’s sort of important” I used to think. Because truth be known, deep down I used to truly believe the rigour…
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How to shift your negative thinking. Effortlessly! And in the process become the person you want to be.

We’re often unaware of our primary driving thoughts. the ones that we really care about and that influence us from one day to the next. And, when we’re unaware of these thoughts, we may not realise the negative thinking that lurks within us. And the affect it has on our life. If we’re not aware…
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How to quickly assist a person (who is holding you or your project back) to let go of the past and embrace change

Got someone in your team, (they may be above or below you) who’s holding things back? They need to change. But, they’re resisting it. :-/ Maybe it’s conscious. Maybe it’s not. Either way, it’s slowing everything down. They say they want to move forward. But their actions indicate otherwise. They’re not happy about the change.…
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