Pull the Pin on Agitation, Frustration and Anger

If you’ve come to this page,
it’s likely you’re finding
that your ‘buttons are being pushed’
far more often than you would like.
The people who do the button-pushing could be
your colleagues, your boss(es), your clients
your partner, your kids or
ALL of the above at various times!

 It may only be a SPORADIC issue
It could be that you’re relaxed and calm
99% of the time
But there 1% of the time…
Where you know your reaction is not ideal

And, when that happens,
you may see yourself

  • Speaking more harshly than you’d like 
  • Cutting others off or putting their opinions down
  • Needing to bite your tongue way too often
  • Losing your cool, perhaps unexpectedly or at inappropriate times
  • Taking your frustration out on the wrong people

You may see your current reactions
as a clear issue and you simply want to 

Get It Sorted ASAP 

If that’s you, you can click here and contact us.
We’ll help you get your frustrations under control,
sooner rather than later,

It could be,
you’ve never really seen your reactions
as being that big an issue.
After all,
you’re not physically harming anyone
And, it’s only words.
But over time,
you’ve come to realise
there’s a cumulative cost
to losing your cool.
Even when you’re only doing so verbally.

That is,
the 1% of time that you’re not exactly ideal
in the way you voice your opinions
has such a big impact
on those you love
or on those you respect
or on those you work with
that you now know,
it’s worth doing something about it. 

The Triggers

The reasons that see you experiencing these negative emotions
is likely to be totally unique
but generically speaking it could be:

  • You like to and want to get things done
    • And you don’t suffer fools nor people who refuse to take responsibility
  • You are highly intelligent and think more quickly than most
    • And so you find other people to be tediously slow & down right frustrating 
  • You have a strong moral compass and do something well or not at all
    • And you don’t react well when others fail to meet your high benchmarks
  • You’ve got a lot on or you’re in a new environment and not reacting well to it all
    • And it’s starting to affect your work and/or personal relationships
  • You feel fine within yourself, and ok with how you go about life
    • But someone else has given you feedback that coaching might benefit you 
    • Or, perhaps
  • You have been told, point blank, by an employer or loved one… 
    • “Something has to change, and that it needs to be YOU!”

It matters less
about how you came to be here
and more about what you’re looking to achieve.

It might help you to know…

The interesting thing about
the emotions of frustration and anger
is that they do have a purpose.
In fact, ALL emotions have a specific purpose.

These emotions in particular
let you know when someone else
Is doing something that
A)  you don’t like
(no surprise there!)

B)  That you don’t know how to deal with
in an easy and mature manner.

Let me explain more about part (B).
You see, anger is a protective emotion.
In cave man times
it protected you from tigers
aggressive neighbours.
and other things that might kill you.

In the 21st century,
Anger protects you from very different things…


Anger may protect you from:

  • Being taken advantage of
  • Having your time wasted
  • Getting stuck in a negative situations
  • Experiencing the feeling of boredom
  • And pretty much anything else that you don’t like


Anger may protect you from:

  • Other expecting too much from you 
  • Being disrespected
  • Being poorly treated
  • Getting too close and perhaps hurt
  • And a whole heap of other things that may make you feel uncomfortable

I’m going to be a bit direct
and tell you upfront
that the thing about frustration, anger,
and other emotions in that vein
is that they’re relative poor ways
to get our needs met.

These emotions
use way more energy than necessary
they’re unpredictable,
and, most often
they do way more damage
for us (and those around us)
than they do good.

Get It Under Control!

You’ll likely want to
get your frustration and anger under control,
or at least you’ll want to be able to
learn how to manage it better. 

But we’ll go so much further than that.

If you’ve read enough
and you can already see
just how well versed we are in this area
then feel free to simply call us
to discuss your specific circumstances.

When you work with us
you will experience…

A Whole New Reality

Anger is an emotion
that we should need less and less of
as we mature and grow.

So, we see it as a hyper effective learning tool.

And as a results
we are specialists in getting people
to the space where not only
can they manage
and even control their anger,
but far more importantly
we get them to a point
where they no longer need the emotion
on a day to day basis.

We get them to a point
where anger of any kind
is needed only for rare occasions.
And then it’s manageable
and useful
rather than uncontrollable
and destructive.

It’s More Than Possible!!

Given your starting point,
that might sound like a pipe dream.
But it’s certainly not.
and we guarantee that.
(More about that later). 

If you’re an inherently good person,
someone who prides themselves on: 

  • Doing a better than average job
  • Looking after others and their needs
  • Knowing the difference between right and wrong
  • Being willing to work to get what they want.

Then we’re likely going to be a great fit for you.

Especially if you want to make a difference –
That is, leave your company, and even the world
in a better place for you having been here.

And It’s Easier Than You can Imagine

(When you know how)

We have coaching programme
that’s based on 14 very simple logical elements
that together make up the
The EQ Code
and, we have coaches who are masters
at showing you
how to use that code to your advantage.

It’s a mindset shift, to be sure
and a very powerful one
both personally and professionally. 

Our results are proof of that.

And, our 100% satisfaction guarantee
ensures total piece of mind:
You’ll be absolutely delighted or you get your money back!
(No fine-print to read on that,
we pride ourselves on only creating raving fans) 

Fast & Simple

If you’ve never done any personal development work,
this is the perfect place to start.
It’s super simple and with just a bit of effort
it works very rapidly. 

With Surprising Depth

If you’ve done a whole heap of personal development
over a number of years
you’ll very quickly gain a deep appreciation
of the enormous power
of this leading edge framework
(while at the same time having a painful pang
of wishing you’d had access to it years ago!)



Nothing changes… if nothing changes!

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Of course, their stories likely won’t relate to you exactly
because everyone’s starting point is different
but, it will give you a taste of what’s possible. 


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