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The EQ Code  Transforming Lives and Organisations

Standard methods deliver just that somewhat average results

Find out why our coaching & mentoring programmes deliver on significant lasting change and the unconventional methods we use that lead to massive inspired personal, professional and relationship

There are thousands of insights to shift you, but not all are equal.

Find out about the critical insights that unlock your full potential and create rapid improvements on personal output no matter the starting point.

The world is changing, rapidly and humans are evolving slowly.
The gap between is where pressure, stress, overwhelm and exhaustion sit.

Find out why most people reach an evolutionary plateau and the delightfully simple frameworks that support any and all forms of rapid personal and professional growth.

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If you want to get further faster, working on your mindset is the most important work you’ll ever do.
No ifs, no buts, no maybes.
It’s the fastest, most liberating and most proven way to get results.
Results you want, results you need and results the world needs you to have too.
InspireTribe trains, mentors and coaches’ individuals & teams to reach untapped potential, regardless of their starting point.

We are obsessed with sharing logical insights that create awareness and change in human patterns for the betterment of individuals, partners, families, teams, communities and the world.

We all have patterns that hold us back, keep us stuck, cause frustration, and limit our impact on the world.Let us assist you with learning how to let go and step forward to create more joy, success and change in your life, your people, your world and the world.

Nikk and Yolande Hughes

Nikk and Yolande are world class leaders in assisting people to move away from pain, create change and step into self-leadership. They are passionate about mindset and the massive impact that small, critical shifts in thinking can create in your life.

With 18 year’s experience between them, they are well versed, well equipped, knowledgeable and passionate about assisting people with their personal coaching and mentoring needs. They back themselves with The EQ code, a logical framework that takes people through a complete new way of viewing their lives, with logical building blocks to create sustainable change, no matter where you are starting from.

They have worked intensely with 1000’s of individuals, creating the shifts they needed, to go on and create incredible empowered lives.
Nikk and Yolande walk their talk, eat breathe and sleep personal development and they can’t wait to personally assist you also!

Coaching Programs

Personal coaching will see you feeling strong and empowered, clear and decisive, deeply connected and compassionate towards yourself and those you connect to.
Individual coaching programs provides tools and techniques using The EQ Code.
If you’re seeking to move away from pain, navigate through a period of change or become a leader in your own life, personal coaching delivers the results you are after.

Coaching Programs

Through fundamental shifts in your mindset, and heightened emotional intelligence learned through logical frameworks, you’ll feel clear, decisive and in control and able to lead with renewed vigour and passion.
This program is for already successful individuals who are looking to go further – faster!
Corporate coaching programs provide tools and techniques using The EQ Code for senior executives to give them the ability to elevate and enhance business/personal success.

Coaching Programs

Mindset training for L&D programs, senior executives and their teams.
Using The EQ Code, teams of all shapes and sizes transform rapidly.
Have your sales teams bust through plateaus, deliver effortless resilience to your customer service team, bring forth empathy, care & kind understanding in your diverse teams.

Coaching Programs

Our Relationship coaching program provides tools and techniques using The EQ Code for those seeking to identify the critical negative patterns within their relationship and most importantly learn to implement sustainable positive strategies to inspire and enhance your relationship for the long term.

Engaging, inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining let us deliver significantly positive shifts for your audience, whilst utilising the key tools and elements of The EQ Code

Unique, powerful, informative and inspiring, our workshops will engage and educate whilst delivering key tools and elements of The EQ Code.If its developing conscious leadership, improving the effectiveness of communication, building resilience and empathy or getting your Sales Team inspired, our workshops deliver.

What Happens

Our InspireTribe team will be very happy to hear from you. We’ll ask you some basic details so we can help you further

At this time, we’ll happily book your (Complimentary) strategy session to discuss how we work

In this session, we’ll share with you an outline of The EQ Code, and clearly demonstrate how it rapidly accelerates the results you’re seeking.

Discussion of program, length and investment including the full range of services provided.

Provided you are impressed, enthusiastic and eager, we’ll commence your onboarding process so you can get started.

The EQ

Hi, check out our welcome video and learn why we work with people and teams on Pain, Change, & Leadership. How increasing emotional intelligence plays a massive part in your personal development. Also learn why we are unique and different and of course, come meet Nikk & Yolande founders of InspireTribe and creators of The EQ code!

What our

Sally McKenna

Nikk and Yolande have developed a coaching program that is second to none. I’ve been coached by Nikk for a little over a year now and the return on investment has been tenfold. I am a better person professionally and privately for the coaching and can’t recommend InspireTribe enough. The best investment you will make in yourself.

Sally McKenna
Sales Director

Shannon Smit

It’s been such a positive on so many different levels. If you want your team, positively disrupted, so they can let go of old behaviours and embrace new ones, highly recommend the InspireTribe team!

Shannon Smit
Shannon Smit

Liselle D’Souza

The content was great and Yolande has a lovely, natural style in her delivery which enabled her to connect with the audience. Overall, it was a highly interactive and enjoyable session which captured the initial brief

Liselle D’Souza
Liselle D’Souza